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Strategic Sourcing and Contracts

The Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department provides San Diego Unified schools and staff the goods and services they need to ensure all students graduate to lead and participate in the society of tomorrow.

The department follows federal, state, and local laws and regulations, fosters competition for District business and creates a level playing field for all who desire to do business with the District. By employing best practices through competition and negotiation, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts accomplishes cost containment, cost savings and cost avoidance resulting in the lowest prices and best values for our District and its taxpayers.

Strategic Sourcing and Contracts manages contracting for construction, professional services, materials, commodities, supplies, equipment and services required to support schools and departments. Based upon these contracts, this department authorizes the acquisition of the required goods and services by release of purchase orders; thereby encumbering budgeted funds.


Strategic Sourcing and Contracts
2351 Cardinal Lane, Building M
San Diego, CA, 92123

Phone: 858-522-5808
Fax: 619-542-5708